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Welcome to ALM voip

ALM voip is one of the leading next generation voip (voice over internet protocol) services provider on the voip Globe, having its immense focus in the Telecom & Voip domain. ALM voip specializes in voip internet telephony business while offering voip reseller and voip carrier services globally to all voip domain partners.

ALM voip role in the Voip domain is a voip magic charm. As a voip service provider, ALM voip ensure that our wholesale voip and resale voip customers are able to make the most of the innovative voip solutions and voip services to expand the scope and nature of their voip businesses. As Voip providers of repute, ALM voip ensure that the voip business efficiencies of our voip clients are among the best in the voip industry. ALM voip also ensure that the margins for it’s voip resellers and voip carriers are among the best in this sector. Read More

News & Events

October 9th to 13th, 2011
Meet us at GITEX, Stall Z-45, Zabeel Hall, DWTC, UAE.


September 6th, 2011
Recently signed Interconnect with one of the Top ranking IGW of Bangladesh....
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August 5th, 2011
Just launched extremely remarkable Reseller Program for Gulf resellers and set a different paradigm in this domain.... 
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March 2nd, 2011
Our engineering department has come up with Innovative in house VoIP Switch solution extensively customizable and scalable....
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February 26th, 2011
Our Market reports for last year reflect the major business staked by ALM VOIP for Pakistan region termination amongst the whole carrier offering Pakistan termination....
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